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save money with nct made easy

When you use the unique services of NCT Made Easy, you save time, save hassle and you save money!​

If your car is due to undergo the NCT test any time in the next  few months and you want to save time, hassle  and money, act now! 

Call us today on 087 90 90 806 to arrange your NCT the "easy way"

Save Time & Money

If you are confident your car will pass the NCT, we provide a time saving service. We collect your car, bring it to the NCT Test Centre and drop it back after the test.  If the car passes, you save a lot of time and there are no more expenses to incur. Check the "Comparison Chart" on the left. 

 With this option, we GUARANTEE the NCT Pass and we pay any retest fees. When you book our unique Full Prep Option, our work includes the assessment / preparation for NCT test. Check the "Comparison Chart" to see the extras offered with this option. 

It is worth noting that the Full Prep Option represents about 75% of a full service so it is amazing value as it includes the €55 NCT Test Fee, our NCT PASS GUARANTEE and the convenience of Pick Up and Drop Back

  • We book your NCT
  • We collect your car and carry out a pre NCT Preparation / Assessment - this includes exhaust gas emission test and headlight focus.
  • We present your car at the designated NCT test centre.
  • We return it to you PASSED.

We have a 99.9% Test Pass Rate

Why nct made easy?

​​We have great time & money saving options starting as low as just €99. Take a look at our comparison chart below for a quick guide to what each option entails and the costs involved.​

If you choose the "Starter Option" for €99 and your car fails the NCT test, you can UPGRADE to the "Full Prep Option" for just €100 and we will pay the €30 NCT retest fee for you! 

for a stress free NCT